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InSync Computers Inc. Is conveniently located in the South hills of
Pittsburgh Pa., giving us the opportunity not only to provide on-site
support for the entire south hills but all areas surrounding Pittsburgh Pa.
We now offer full service remote support to our customers saving time
and money and keeping you as productive as possible.

In March Of 1997 inSync Computers Inc. first opened its doors to the
public with one simple Philosophy. To treat our clients with respect
and provide the most cost effective and most productive methods for
their needs. Weather it is the residential user whose children always
seem to slow their computer down. To the established business who is
seeking to get the most out of their networks. Being in the technology
field for over 14 years and with over 22,000 clients. You can rest
assured that we are here for you whatever your needs may be.

Triple Threat

1) By working with Microsoft as part of Microsoft System Builders,
we are kept up to date on the latest operating systems on the market
today. This keeps our employees up to date on the software that is
right for you and your company.

2) Partners with some of the biggest manufactures of hardware on the
market today ensures us that we not only can find the right hardware on
the market today, but can also give you piece of mind that if a problem
does arise we have these companies to fall back on to find the perfect
solution for you.

3) Most important our employees, at inSync Computers Inc. Our dedicated
team wether it is our sales team working to get you the most cost
effective solution, or our in-house or field repair technicians,
providing you with all the support you need. That’s why at inSync
Computers Inc., we say with pride Expect The Best.

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