Donor Walls
Noah’s Ark is a donor wall recognizing contributors and being a special fundraiser. The original architecture and beautiful array of colors makes it a unique and promotional fixture. Noah's Ark is Balis and Associates signature piece. Lapel pins in replica of the wall are given out for fundraising.
Donor Recognitions
Donor recognition walls are a display found in a centralized location of a hospital, university, library, worship facility, and or other nonprofit institutions. Our walls can consist of a listing of names of persons or companies that contribute funds to a campaign or other major fundraising effort of an organization. Our contemporary and traditional styles are a variety of materials and creative, artistic media, and display a prominent logo and or mission statement of that organization.
Yahrzeit Plaques
Yahrzeit walls are commemorative to the passing of a relative or loved one on the walls within a temple. They are dedicated as a memorial for remembering those who have departed. We specialize in nameplates and plaques inscribed with English and Hebrew along with the date of death in both the standard and Hebrew calendar.


Since 1985, Edwin C. Balis and Associates have helped Organizations all
over the World with their designs to recognize leaders, memorialize
loved ones, recognize donors, and raise funds.  Organizations give their creative input so that we
can do magnificent works of art in bronze, aluminum and wood which will
live on from generation to generation.

We feature Sculptured Trees of Life * Donor Walls * Past Presidents Plaques
* Custom Designed Tablets * Memorials * Nameplates * and Custom Cast
Individual Letters.

We encourage you to take a few minutes and review our innovative designs in our Photo Gallery, both modern and traditional. As you look through our photos, please keep in mind that we have included only a few of the many styles and types of recognition methods that are available.

Let us know how to service you in creating your very own unique designs.
We look forward to hearing from you.