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The topcoat is the critical component of most coating systems. It is the first lineĀ of defense against corrosive electrolytes, weather, sunlight, abrasion, fluids, chemicals, humidity, and impact. Yet it is also the component that provides color, appearance, and visible and infrared signatures. It forms the aesthetic quality of the coating system. ARS has a rich history of developing, modifying, and reformulating topcoat paints for a variety of applications. For example, ARS is often asked to modify existing versions of military paints, such as camouflage or aircraft topcoats to impart additional functionality or eliminate or reduce hazardous ingredients. It might be adding an anti-static capability, adjusting an infrared signature level, or eliminating toxic additives. Among the types of topcoat paints that ARS has developed, modified, or reformulated are the following:

  • Chemical agent resistant camouflage coatings (CARC)
  • Thermal radiation control coatings
  • Tailored emissivity topcoats
  • Infrared (IR) signature topcoats
  • Extreme durability fluorinated topcoats
  • Interior and exterior aircraft topcoats
  • Anti-static coatings
  • Nano-composite anti-corrosion barrier coatings
  • High gloss, silicone-modified polyester urethane topcoats
  • Waterborne topcoats, low- and zero-VOC topcoats
  • Rapid-drying urethane topcoats
  • Lightning strike topcoats
  • High-temperature topcoats for heaters, grills, and engine compartments
  • Clear thermoset varnishes, wood coatings, and stains
  • Industrial and maintenance topcoats
  • Moisture cure coatings
  • Moisture barrier coatings for porous/fibrous substrates

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