Thin-Film Vinyl Camouflage


BatteryAugust Research Systems develops and manufactures customized camouflage vinyl wrap kits for military equipment. The patterns are printed to match existing military camouflage schemes, such as Scorpion, MARPAT Desert, and Woodland. ARS also has a proprietary fractal pattern that blends well with transitional patterns such as Multi-Cam® and Scorpion. What differentiates our vinyl camouflage is that the colors are matched to uniform camouflage under natural sky illumination, so that a visual match is achieved where it counts—in the field. Printed, self-adhesive ARS vinyl is topped with a protective, dead flat overlaminate that achieves gloss and sheen levels equivalent to chemical agent resistant coating (CARC) paint.


To camouflage many copies of a particular piece of equipment, such as a weapon or an ammunition box, ARS can develop a CAD model of the item. The CAD model is used to generate surfaces, which, in turn, are used to design individual panels, or decals, which are cut to shape by a numerical control cutter after the print is overlaminated. Instructional diagrams show how and where to place each decal on the equipment being treated. Camouflage decal kits are supplied with application tools and can be delivered to forward-deployed troops for installation in-theater. ARS has manufactured and delivered hundreds of pre-cut camouflage kits to the US Army.




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