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Formulation/Product Development

002Whether it is finding a suitable replacement for a coating additive that is no longer produced, modifying the curing characteristics of a sealant to improve process flow, or developing a brand new paint for a novel application, ARS has the willingness and capabilities to tackle the problem. We can synthesize custom resins to provide the unique properties demanded by the application; we can prototype, test, and refine formulated products; we can perform formulation scale-up; and in some cases produce and supply the desired end product. Examples of chemistries, attributes, and products that ARS is accustomed to working with are as follows:

  • 1K and 2K waterborne systems
  • Solventborne and solvent-free systems
  • Polyurethanes, polyureas, epoxies, polysiloxanes, polyesters, polyethers, polycarbonates, and fluoro- and chloro-modified polymers
  • 003Single-component lacquers, blocked cure, oxidatively-drying, and moisture-cure thermosets
  • Very low-Tg elastomers
  • Color- and gloss-matched coatings
  • Reduced VOC coatings
  • Fire-retardant coatings and elastomers
  • Cast and spray elastomers


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