Aerospace Materials

Fighter1 1150 x 400

Extremes of acceleration, velocity, pressure, temperature, weather, and strain; exposure to hot engine exhaust, fluids, solar UV, high-speed aerosols, sand, and rain; the need to control how a craft interacts with electromagnetic radiation; and practical realities of material processing, application, and cure place exacting demands on materials used in aerospace applications. ARS has an extensive history developing, formulating, reformulating, and modifying material products for aerospace, including:

  • SprayFluoro-alloy (APC) topcoats
  • Materials with excellent elongation and flexibility at low temperatures, to –65F and colder
  • High-temperature coatings for engine intake/exhaust components
  • Conductive paints, sealants, and gap fillers
  • Radar absorbing paints and gap fillers (RAM)
  • Erosion-resistant coatings
  • Infrared-reflective and tailored emissivity coatings

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