Thermal Radiation Control Coatings

Tailored-emissivity paints for the management of thermal radiation heat transfer and apparent temperature.

RF/Microwave/Millimeter-Wave Materials

Tuned, resonant absorbers, tailored-impedance gap fillers, spray RAM, conductive coatings and gap fillers

Aerospace Materials

Specialty polymers, elastomers, coatings, and adhesives for the high-performance aircraft industry.

Signature Analysis & Prediction

Radar cross section (RCS) phenomenology and computation.

Fractal Camouflage

Patterns generated to match the fractal characteristics of real scenery.

August Research Systems (ARS), Incorporated, is a developer of advanced material solutions for coating, sealant, and elastomer applications. We invent, modify, reformulate, and evaluate materials intended for the most demanding applications, from aerospace to marine. Our customers and partners include:

● Raw materials suppliers, who engage us to formulate and test industry-relevant products made with their materials,
● Coatings manufacturers wishing to improve existing products or develop new ones,
● Military and industrial OEMs seeking material solutions for unique and challenging applications,
● Government laboratories investigating failure modes and mechanisms of fielded materials,
● Defense agencies looking to discover and demonstrate new and untried approaches to address a myriad of performance, cost,       sustainability, and environmental issues related to materials and coatings, and
● End users of materials that ARS prototypes or manufactures.
For industrial customers, we generally work to deliver improved performance, durability, processing, and environmental compliance, or to reduce material or manufacturing costs. In addition to these objectives, military customers are often interested in surface coatings and treatments that manage platform signatures, including visible, electro-optic, acoustic, and electromagnetic. Please explore our website to learn more about the unique expertise and capabilities at ARS. And feel free to Contact Us with questions or requests for more information.